Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

In the dynamic world of branding and business, 360andplus believes in leading with a conscience. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes beyond mere initiatives—it’s woven into the very fabric of our ethos. Join us as we take a journey through our endeavors to create a meaningful impact.

Revitalizing the Handicrafts SectorHandicrafts are not just products; they’re legacies of tradition, culture, and art. We’re passionately invested in redesigning the handicrafts sector. Our initiatives are centered on equipping and empowering traditional artisans, ensuring their craft doesn’t just survive but thrives in the modern market.
Launching Artisans into the Digital AgeThe global market holds vast potential for the intricate beauty of traditional handicrafts. With our expertise, we assist artisans in launching their crafts to international audiences. Through the creation of responsive websites, intuitive apps, and other technology-driven integrations, we bridge the gap between age-old traditions and modern commerce.
Championing Social WelfareAt the heart of 360andplus lies a profound commitment to the community. Our CSR efforts extend to a myriad of social welfare activities. From supporting educational initiatives to ensuring access to basic necessities, we aim to uplift and create a ripple of positive change.
Promoting Health & HospitalityUnderstanding the intrinsic value of health, we take proactive steps to serve the community. Our periodic blood donation and medical camps stand as a testament to our dedication. Through collaborations with medical professionals and organizations, we aim to ensure well-being for all.
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Why Choose 360andplus for your CSR initiatives?

Holistic Approach
: We don’t just initiate CSR projects; we embed them into our business strategy, ensuring sustainable and impactful outcomes.

Handson Involvement: Our team is personally involved in every CSR initiative, bringing dedication, passion, and expertise to the forefront.

Tailored Initiatives: Recognizing the unique needs of different communities and sectors, our CSR projects are crafted with care, ensuring meaningful impact.

Events with Purpose: Designing Moments that Matter in the World of CSR!

Building a Better Tomorrow Through CSR
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Holistic CSR Event Design
Leveraging a deep understanding of both the corporate world and social landscapes, we design events that harmoniously blend brand values with societal needs. Our designs don’t just look good; they embody purpose, fostering genuine connections and generating impactful conversations among attendees.
Sustainable & Ethical Event Production
In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, our events stand out by minimizing ecological footprints. From sustainable materials to partnering with eco-conscious suppliers, we ensure every detail reflects the ethos of Corporate Social Responsibility. The outcome? Events that are not just memorable but also aligned with the planet’s well-being.
Engagement-driven Impact Metrics
Post-event, our advanced analytical tools measure not just attendance, but engagement and impact. Through sentiment analysis, social media tracking, and stakeholder feedback systems, we provide actionable insights on how the event influenced perceptions, altered behaviors, or furthered CSR objectives. This data-driven approach ensures continuous improvement and maximized impact for all future endeavors.